Fresh All Day with 6 Fruit Perfume Recommendations

Fruit perfume has become one of the choices for many people, perhaps including MarshaLova. The fruit scent is natural, fresh, and provides a variety of colors that can support the appearance. The choice of perfume scent is often used to describe the character of the wearer.

Fruit Aroma on Perfume

The fruity scent perfume will give a fresh sensation and a sexy effect. Many perfumes also combine the aroma of fruit with other aromas. For example, the aroma of citrus and musk, or the aroma of fruit and flowers or floral. 

Fruity perfumes can describe a person who is lively, fun, and full of color. In addition, this scent can describe a young soul that gives positive energy. However, fruity fragrances can also describe a person who is easily upset and offended, cynical, and unstable.

The citrus scent of citrus fruits is one of the most common scents found in perfumes. The diffused and refreshing aroma will make the mood better. There is also a gentle mango scent for a fruity scent.

Other fruits that are the choice of perfume fragrances are strawberries, soft and fragrant melons, as well as a special banana aroma. Not only in perfume, you can find fruit scent in other fragrances such as body lotion and room fragrance.

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Fruit Fragrance Perfume for You to Choose

Here are a selection of perfumes with fruit scents from various local and foreign brands. You can get it online or offline with various price offers.

The Body Shop

fruit perfume

The Body Shop has a strawberry scented perfume labeled Strawberry Eau de Toilette that can radiate a young soul. This perfume has a pure scent of strawberries without the addition of other scents that can damage its authenticity. You can still use this perfume for everyday because the aroma is not very strong. 

Tom Ford

fruit perfume

This Lost Cherry perfume from Tom Ford is suitable for women and men with a dominance of cherry scent at first. After a while you will smell a woody scent. The combination of sweet and woody scents makes this perfume have the perfect balance for all genders.


fruit perfume

This body mist perfume from Emina has the name Ocean Mist and has a small size. You can choose this best fruit scented perfume for traveling because it is easy to store in a bag. The fruity aroma in this Emina perfume is fresh grapefruit or grapefruit and makes the mood rise.

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fruit perfume

Zara Dear Iris perfume has a feminine apple scent and there is a musk and vanilla scent that will be smelled gradually. The first time you spray it you will smell a sweet musk scent, then you will smell a powdery scent. This perfume is suitable for those of you who like the scent of apples with a soft touch of vanilla. 


fruit perfume

This popular local brand has Peaceful Body Mist with a blend of fruit and flowers. The fruit aroma consists of apple, blackcurrant, and grapefruit, as well as the aroma of jasmine. You will get a fresh, soft, and long -lasting scent without leaving stains on clothes because there are no additional dyes.

Victoria’s Secret

fruit perfume

The world -renowned brand Victoria’s Secret has a fruity perfume called Pure Seduction. The scent of plums with a combination of freesia and chamomile flowers can be found in this perfume. This body mist type perfume is one that has lasted on the market for a long time and has changed its finish many times.

MarshaLova can choose a fruit perfume for daily activities in fine weather. You will be active and improve your mood with the refreshing aroma of fruits.