Some Information About Visa in Bali

Bali is one of the most popular islands in Indonesia. The Indonesian visa regulations and policy are apply to those person wish to visit Bali. Generally, foreigners necessary to obtain the Bali Visa to access Bali.

Some Information About Visa in Bali

For you who wants to travel to Bali islands, here some information about visa in Bali that need you know for sure.

1. Do You Need Visa to Visit Bali?

Indonesian goverment have signed visa exemption agreement with some countries in the world, and let citizens to visit Bali or other for short term trips with visa free.

It is important for foreign nationals to comfirm about will they need visa in Bali before planning their journey. Visa eligibility and requirements depend on the citizens’s nationally and how long they will stay on there also the reason of their journey.

2. Validity Bali Visa Period

Its depends on the type of visa that used by the visitor. Indonesia offers some kind of visas Bali and other country. You can choose one of the best visa that suitable with your travel necessities.

  • Tourist and recreational visas remain valid in 60 days
  • Visa exempt travel permitted to eligible nationals in 30 days
  • Visas on arrival may allow visit in 30 days

The longer visa also available to person who wants to spend more long time in Indonesia, for example because of study or work.

3. Do US Citizens Need Bali Visa?

Holders US ordinary passport are permit to travel to Indonesia and Bali without visa in 30 days and not extendable. Emergency and temporary US passport are not permitted to visit Indonesia. It depens on their circumtances that will decided by the Immigration officers.

For citizens who want to stay longer than one months with the reasons except leisure and tourism need to apply visa Bali. It can be done at an Indonesian embassy, consulate or online.

Those are some information about visa in Bali. For you that wants to explore Bali for long time or just a few day you may calling E-Visa Bali to consult about your travel. Make your journey become best memory with us.